True love, nearly a decade in the making

Welcome to our wedding website. We are so excited for our big day, we wanted to tell you our tale and give you all the late breaking news as our special day approaches.

Wedding Information

Find out more about our wedding

The date is set and all of the arangements are being made, come check out some of the details and check back soon,we'll be adding stuff as it comes up.

Bridal Party

Meet the crew

Meet the ladies and gents that will be joining us on our big day.

Our Story

Just got engaged 5 minutes ago!

By now you know that we are getting married but you may not know how we got to this point.  From highschool to now, you can read about it all!


Howdy Folks,
This page isn't ready yet, please check back soon as i'll be adding all kinds of new and exciting information


Did you know...

That we met and dated in high school but as young romance often does we didn't last too long.

Long Distance Relationship

We wouldn't recommend this for most people but in 2010 Katie moved back to Arizona!

Engaged at Last

We got engaged in the windy city on May 6th, 2011!  We thought it would be fun to take a trip but Matt had something else planned...

Fun Fact

Very rarely will either of us actually drink a Martini.  Katie likes her wine and vodka tonics and Matt can usually be spotted sipping on a "vodka diet" or Fat Tire.

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Latest News

  • Thanks Kathy and Tom for throwing us a wonderful Engagement Party!
  • Waiting on the results of our first photo shoot for Engagement Photos, the suspense is killing one of us.
  • Bridal Shower to take place in Katie's old stomping grounds... We'll see you in April, Milwaukee!
  • Olive says, "Hi Folks, arent you getting excited for November?"
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